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Teenage sawings


Lets face it, sometimes it just seems that teenagers want to try everything out.


This group of stories is about those wonderful and terrible years,

The ones spent in adolescence.


But what would make a teenage girl want to be cut in half?


Thatís where these stories come from.

Please enjoy.

The Experimental Sawings Jenna is excited about the possibilities her magician friend wants to show her, but is even more surprised when something unexpected happens.
A Different Wish: Where a girl wants something really unique for her birthday present.
Ashley: Based on another story by another author, a teen girl volunteers for a presentation, fully enjoying the result
A Simple Sawing Story: Except that, when I originally posted it, I had so may people confused. Just go in and read it, and you'll see what I mean
Lindsay: Based on another story, Lindsay describes how she was first divided
About a Tablecloth: A young couple discovers their magic legacy and the surprising result
Reflections of Winter (1): A favorite of mine, a teenager and her brother discover something about their grandparents
Truth or Dare: At a sleepover, Emily confides her secret desire to her best friend
When The Cat's Away... Two girls sneak onto a magic stage only to discover it's real magic, not make believe
The Scimitar's Fall: Emma is surprised to be asked to help out in a magic trick, and even more surprised when she learns it's real
The Tryout: Chelsea wants to join the highly competitive cheerleading team, little knowing their secret.
The Hostess: A restaurant hostess tells why she's been stuck as only half a woman since she was 16
Flirtation: Sami is eager to have one of the two boys she's living with try sawing her in half while keeping a secret about her past
Attempting to Impress: A young magician is eager to try out a trick to impress a girl he really likes
The World's Greatest Card Trick: At her 18th birthday party, Sariah participates in an unusual card trick
Strangers Bearing Gifts: Laura Ann is creeped out by a stranger at her birthday party, but it quickly turns into terror for the young lady
Best Served Cold: A teenage girl, tormented by two hotties, decides on a way to get even, but isn't ready for the price
Donor: When Fiona is paralyzed in an auto accident, an unusual treatment is offered
The Candle: A young girl gets set on a path for life with a familiar trick
Theft: Sara is robbed of something very important in this bizarre case.
Aurelia: (Also in Story Series) A young girl is upset when something doesn't happen for her to fit in.